Free cloud computing services

Even though many businesses claim to offer free cloud computing services, very few actually do. What use is a “free” service if it is painfully slow and frustratingly unreliable? Without any deception or misleading assurances, the finest free cloud hosting services truly allow you to test out their platforms. Because of this, we exhaustively tested the largest free cloud computing services before settling on the top eight.
However, keep in mind that each free cloud computing services has some restrictions. You won’t have access to the potential customer support, and you’ll probably only have a limited number of resources.

I would suggest a paid option for important projects. You can spend less money and still access the full power of the free cloud computing services. Scala Hosting is my first choice. Scala is not only one of the most user-friendly cloud hosts available, but it also offers free cloud computing services plans at an excellent value for the money.
You can enjoy Scala’s top-notch free cloud computing services right away, or you can keep reading to find out which host best suits your needs and your budget. will provide some of information for you in this post.


What We Look For in the Best Free Cloud Hosting Services

Free cloud computing services
Free cloud computing services

My team and I concentrated on the following features during our tests in order to compile this ranking of the top free cloud computing services:

  • Consistency and uptime Cloud hosting can be given away like candy, but it actually needs the greatest, most advanced infrastructure to shine. These businesses offer dependable, redundant servers, resulting in excellent uptime and lightning-fast speeds.
    many deployment sites The finest clouds are made up of thousands of servers working together throughout the world, not just a few servers in Bangladesh. Nearly every service on this list has a variety of deployment choices, guaranteeing that you’ll always have a nearby site quickly serving your customers.
  • Access to resources – As I’ve already mentioned, there are restrictions on free cloud computing services. The fact that the free tiers come with sufficient capacity to properly test the service sets these guys apart from the competition.
  • Scalability – Your biggest concern with poor hosting is actually success. Your website will eventually come to a grinding halt once you start receiving visitors because it is not scalable. With the businesses on this list, there is always space for improvement.
  • Friendly to developers You need a service that streamlines the process if you want to create the best apps in the shortest period of time. All of the services on this list are developer-focused, but a few really go above and above in terms of process automation.

1. Scala Hosting – Beginner-Friendly Cloud Hosting With an Anytime Money-back Guarantee

Free cloud computing services
Free cloud computing services

If you’re switching to dedicated free cloud computing services for the first time, Scala Hosting is the best host. It is simple to use, deploys quickly, and provides excellent customer assistance around-the-clock. Scala Hosting impressed us throughout our extensive testing of other hosting companies with its exceptional performance and 100% uptime.

The self-managed cloud plans from Scala Hosting all come with full-root access, giving developers total control over the setup of their servers. Scala Hosting also provides fully managed cloud VPS choices at extremely reasonable monthly pricing if you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of administering your own distant server.

Although it doesn’t provide a completely free plan, the Entry Cloud plan is among the most cost-effective choices available. Additionally, Scala Hosting offers an anytime money-back guarantee, so you’ll never be charged for resources that aren’t used.


  • SPanel. All of Scala Hosting’s cloud hosting plans come with SPanel, a customized version of cPanel. SPanel provides all of the features of cPanel in addition to additional features exclusive to this platform.
  • Redundant 10Gbps network. Due to its redundant 10Gbps networks, which automatically reroute heavy traffic during surges, Scala Hosting promises a continuous uptime of 100%.
  • Free backups on servers. All self-managed cloud plans from Scala Hosting include free snapshot backups of your server, and all managed cloud plans include daily offsite backups.
  • 1 click installation. To make server configuration easier, Scala provides one-click installations for more than 400 distinct apps and scripts.

2. Kamatera – 30-Day Free Trial to Build and Test a Custom Cloud Instance with Impressive Speed

Free cloud computing services
Free cloud computing services

Even without a “forever-free” plan, Kamatera provides excellent overall value. Kamatera provides fully configurable cloud instances with outstanding performance for less than $5 per month.

Kamatera bills by the hour, like many other free cloud computing services. As a result, you have complete control over the overall cost of your server and can easily scale it up or down to suit your needs and financial constraints. With Kamatera’s free 30-day trial, you may construct and scale a personalized cloud instance (worth up to $100 per month) to see how it works for yourself.

Furthermore, Kamatera performed flawlessly in our performance testing, with loading times of just one second. Even if Kamatera isn’t “forever-free,” it is still less expensive and has a higher performance level than most of its rivals.


  • Rapid setup – You may begin developing nearly instantly because it takes less than a minute to set up a new cloud instance.
  • Optional preinstalled OS – To save time, Kamatera’s cloud instances can be delivered with well-known OSs already installed. These consist of several Windows Server iterations and Linux variants. Additionally, you can ask for cPanel or Plesk to be preloaded.
  • Each server includes a free public static IP address, which increases the overall value.
  • Affordable automated backup solution Your server’s storage will be routinely backed up for a nominal additional price. In an effort to further safeguard against data loss, this is kept in an offsite storage array.